2019 GAQC Archived Alerts


A benefit of joining the Governmental Audit Quality Center is that you receive GAQC Alerts, which include information on critical and time sensitive developments in governmental auditing. The links below will take you to the GAQC Alerts that have been issued to date.

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Date: 12/12/2019
Alert No: 393
Alert Description: Important Single Audit News
Date: 11/4/2019
Alert No: 391
Alert Description: Register for Single Audit Documentation Event, Single Audit Q&A Event, and Hold the Date Reminder
Date: 10/21/2019
Alert No: 390
Alert Description: OMB E-Mail on 2019 Supplement Correction and Related GAQC Q&As
Date: 10/3/2019
Alert No: 389
Alert Description: GAQC Announces Web Event Schedule through June 2020
Date: 9/24/2019
Alert No: 388
Alert Description: GAQC Posts 2019 Supplement, Single Audit Reporting Update, Web Event, and Volunteer Opportunities
Date: 9/20/2019
Alert No: 387
Alert Description: Corrected 2019 Compliance Supplement Issued by OMB
Date: 8/29/2019
Alert No: 386
Alert Description: Register for SLG Risk Assessment Web Event; 2019 Illustrative Reports Posted; New Editions of Guides Available
Date: 8/7/2019
Alert No: 385
Alert Description: 2019 Supplement Errors, Efforts to Make Corrections, Other News
Date: 7/2/2019
Alert No: 384
Alert Description: 2019 OMB Compliance Supplement Issued
Date: 6/17/2019
Alert No: 383
Alert Description: Register for GAQC Event Rebroadcasts, Other CPE, and Volunteer Opportunities
Date: 6/5/2019
Alert No: 382
Alert Description: Final Data Collection Form Issued by FAC
Date: 5/24/2019
Alert No: 381
Alert Description: 2019 Supplement Part 2 Matrix Posted
Date: 5/9/2019
Alert No: 380
Alert Description: Register for Compliance Supplement and DCF Web Events; New Reporting Standards Will Affect Governmental Audits
Date: 4/24/2019
Alert No: 379
Alert Description: Register for SLG and NFP Planning Events, GAQC Annual Webcast, Other Important Dates
Date: 3/26/2019
Alert No: 378
Alert Description: GAQC Webcast Registration; Single Audit Deadline; RUS and Rural Housing News
Date: 3/14/2019
Alert No: 377
Alert Description: Audit Contracts and Independence Concerns; RFP Practice Aid; Annual Required Webcast
Date: 2/11/2019
Alert No: 376
Alert Description: Register for GASB Leases Event, Yellow Book Independence, and Other SLG Developments
Date: 1/16/2019
Alert No: 375
Alert Description: Register for 2018 Yellow Book Independence Event