Strategy & Planning

  •  Firm inMotion Toolkit

PCPS Firm inMotion e-Toolkit

Does your firm need to reframe and modernize its structure and strategy? Use these tools to:

  • Move toward greater transparency for effective succession and more engaged staff.
  • Understand the benefits of virtual work arrangements and alternative pricing structures.
  • Capitalize on the strengths of each generation in your firm.

What’s new in creating career development plans and coaching and mentoring programs for a changing workforce? Use these tools to:

  • Discover non-traditional careers paths and newer roles in today’s firms
  • Retain staff by recognizing unique talents and interests when crafting career development plans
  • Identify better ways to engage and groom future leaders, resulting in stronger successor candidates

Learn why relationships continue to be important when working with your peers, mentors, clients and prospects. Use these tools to:

  • Manage client expectations by mastering effective ways to communicate
  • Implement more formal networking processes to help staff grow professionally
  • Build stronger relationships so clients stay instead of leave

How can technology can be a strategic enabler and a competitive advantage? Use these tools to:

  • Learn what technology is on the horizon and how it can impact your people and your clients
  • Develop strategies to update your technology and put new solutions to work
  • Effectively deploy technology and maximize ROI