Facilitated State Board Access

On this page, you'll find a wide array of details and information about Facilitated State Board Access (FSBA).

What is Facilitated State Board Access?

After carefully evaluating the various options, we determined that the best way to address the user demands for greater peer review transparency, while considering member and state CPA society concerns, was to use the existing peer review process to facilitate the voluntary disclosure of peer review results to State Boards of Accountancy (BOAs).

The intent of our process is to create a nationally uniform system through which you, as a member of a CPA firm, can satisfy state board or licensing body peer review information submission requirements, increase transparency and retain control over your peer review results.

We are currently working to allow this process to become the primary means by which all BOAs obtain peer review results. Over time, this new process will help to make your submission of firms’ peer review information easier.

We piloted FSBA in 2007, some societies early adopted in 2008 and all societies began participating by calendar year-end 2009.