Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium

The Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium (EBRC) is a collaborative, market-driven initiative that provides an opportunity for users and providers of capital to work together for the public interest to improve the quality of information provided to capital markets. The Consortium will work to promote greater transparency by developing an internationally recognized, voluntary framework for presentation and disclosure of value drivers, non-financial performance measures and qualitative information.


Knowledge@Wharton/EBRC Survey

A survey of middle to top corporate management provides sentiments on the new requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Many found that the provisions fall short of what really needs to be done. 

MD&A Taxonomy

The EBRC has created a new (MD&A)Taxonomy which includes a more robust set of standardized tags and definitions that will allow companies to fully tag their MD&A.

Provide your comments by registering on the site (click sign up on top right corner of screen).  Once logged in, click the Green Plus "+" sign to provide your comments on each of the elements in the taxonomy.



The International Integrated Reporting Council

Cross section of leaders that collaborate to enhance and consolidate existing reporting practices to move towards a reporting framework that provides the information needed to develop the global economic model to meet the challenges of the 21st century.