World Intellectual Capital Initiative WICI

The EBRC has expanded global reach through establishment of and participation in the World Intellectual Capital Initiative (WICI). This diverse group of international organizations collaborate to promote better corporate reporting.  WICI proposes a business reporting framework which focuses on the core part of the company’s unique value creation mechanism. Under this framework, WICI hopes more and more companies will be able to easily present an integrated and comprehensive report on material financial and non-financial elements of the company’s performance, resulting in a better communication with its key stakeholders, which in return benefit the company itself.

World Intellectual Capital Initiative (WICI) Framework: Through an international network, the framework has been expanded.  The WICI Framework represents a collaboratively developed, freely available comprehensive information framework  to help companies better communicate with their investors and other stakeholders about strategy and performance.  Concepts covered are included in the WICI Taxonomy