Auditing Classroom Materials

Award-Winning Curricula

The Academics team is proud to offer award-winning curricula designed to encourage faculty and expand the knowledge of accounting students. The curricula below is from the Accounting Professors Curriculum Resource tool and has been recognized for excellence with the Bea Sanders/AICPA Innovation and Teaching Award, the George Krull/Grant Thornton AAA Innovation in Junior and Senior-Level Teaching Award, or the Mark Chain/FSA Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award

  • Engaging Students in Accounting and Auditing Aspects Related to the Dixon Illinois 53 Million Dollar Fraud 
    This resource highlights a case adaptable to auditing, fraud and governmental accounting courses. Classroom materials include legal documents, financial reports, budgets, and news articles that are free of charge and relevant to several courses.
  • Jurassic Accounting and Stellar Steel
    This resource outlines a project where students prepare a presentation proposing audit services to a fictitious client. Accounting professionals visit the class twice during the semester once to present concepts behind proposing audit services to a client and the second includes a debriefing of the students regarding their proposal.
  • Simulating an Audit in a Graduate Auditing Class 
    This project outlines the integration of an audit simulation game, a simulated audit, statistical sampling procedures and tests using generalized audit software in a graduate auditing class.
  • Student Engagement in Auditing Class - Audit Skits and Humor 
    This project entails student groups in an auditing class creating skits or 'mini-movies' about auditing concepts and/or situations. This document discusses strategies for using this project in any accounting class, displays excerpts of some of the skits and provides rubrics.
  • Use Technology to Enhance Auditing Classes 
    This resource addresses several technologies to incorporate into auditing classes that can aid students' comprehension of concepts and equip students with skills they will use repeatedly after graduation

Related AICPA Resources

Below are the related resources related to auditing.

Center for Audit Quality – Established to serve its members and to enhance investor confidence, the CAQ engages in a wide range of activities in the United States and across the globe. Represented below are several of the resources available to faculty and students.