Tax Legislation and Policy

The AICPA has a long history of advocating for sound tax policy. This page highlights the current legislative activities of the Tax Division and contains tools to evaluate proposals from a tax policy standpoint; information on tax reform; links to our testimony; and other tax policy materials.

News and Developments

Below are articles on recent developments:

Recent Advocacy Projects

Administration Releases Fiscal Year 2014 Revenue Proposals

AICPA is reviewing the Administration's Fiscal Year 2014 Revenue Proposals, which were release on April 10th, to determine which provisions affect our members and the public and whether we want to advocate for particular positions.

AICPA Submits Compendium for 2013

The AICPA submitted its Compendium of Legislative Proposals to Congress on February 6, 2013. The Compendium includes over 20 proposals which promote simplicity and fairness in the Internal Revenue Code.

AICPA Recommends Change to Tax Return Due Dates

The AICPA continues to advocate for a change in the due dates of returns. We are currently meeting with Members of Congress and their staffers to recommend that they co-sponsor S. 420 and H.R. 901.

Tax Reform

Porter Testifies on Tax Reform

Jeffrey Porter, Chair of the Tax Executive Committee, testified at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on "Tax Fraud, Tax ID Theft, and Tax Reform: Moving Forward with Solutions" on April 16, 2013.

AICPA Submits Comments to Tax Reform Working Groups

AICPA recently submitted comments to the following the House Ways & Means Tax Reform Working Groups:

Chairman Camp's Proposals on Small Businesses & Passthroughs

The AICPA is currently analyzing House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Camp's proposals to reform the taxation of small businesses and passthrough entities and anticipates submitting comments in May 2013.


For more information on issues and AICPA comments made on proposed federal legislation and tax reform across all areas of taxation, visit our Tax Advocacy pages.

Please visit our Tax Reform Page for additional information on our recommendations, principles of good tax policy, testimony, written submissions, white papers and related materials.