Tax Reform - AICPA Tax Reform Efforts

Modified: March 10, 2016



The complexity and uncertainty surrounding the tax code affects tax practitioners and taxpayers alike. The code has reached nearly 4 million words and, according to one estimate, 4,107 changes to the tax code have been made since 2004, an average of more than one a day.

The AICPA is at the forefront of the efforts to shape a better tax system that benefits taxpayers and the accounting profession and meets our core principles for fairness, transparency and simplicity. 

AICPA Position

    Based on Guiding Principles for Good Tax Policy: Framework for Evaluating Tax Proposals, the AICPA advocates for many changes, such as:

    • Simplifying the income tax rate structure
    • Consolidating education tax incentives
    • Eliminating temporary provisions that cause tremendous uncertainty for taxpayers
    • Retaining the cash method basis of accounting
    • Making the tax system (including retirement plan administration) friendlier for small businesses


Tax Advocacy Efforts


The AICPA's thought leadership is widely respected by policy makers; we have laid significant groundwork to help shape future tax reform legislation. 

Below are just a few examples of how we accomplish that:


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