Calling CPAs to serve as AICPA Key Persons

January 29, 2019

Calling CPAs to serve as AICPA Key Persons

There are 10 newly elected Senators and 101 newly elected members of the House of Representatives in Congress. Each one needs to hear from CPAs in their home district about important issues facing the accounting profession.  Which U.S. Senators and Representatives will you assist as they legislate?

Input from the CPAs they represent is one of the most effective ways for legislators to understand the issues facing the accounting profession.  By creating and maintaining a relationship with elected officials, you can be the voice of the CPA profession at the grassroots level, with U.S. Senators, Representatives and state legislators. 

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) established the Federal Key Person Program to maintain regular and continuing personal contact with each member of Congress.  

The program accomplishes this through the development and maintenance of a cadre of knowledgeable members across the country who have the ability to engage with and influence members of Congress, in minimal time, when action is needed on a legislative issue affecting the profession.

“Members of Congress and their staff always want insights from CPAs who live and work in their district. Oftentimes, they ask to talk with someone who’s affected by the legislation or regulation that the AICPA Congressional and Political Affairs Team is discussing, to get the real-world implications,” said Cynthia Lund, AICPA vice president of state society affairs.  “Having a CPA who already has a relationship with the member of Congress is important for the elected official, and for the profession.”

Being a key person is an easy way to give back to the profession – and to help shape the profession for years to come. To serve as an AICPA key person for any member of Congress that you know or are willing to contact on behalf of the profession, please send an email to Vicki Simmons (