AICPA Gold Medal Award of Distinction Winners

The Gold Medal Award of Distinction recognizes a person whose influence on the accounting profession as a whole is especially notable in comparison to other industry leaders.

Inquiries: Contact Sarah Gentry-Kanashrio and Jamie Geary McNair.

* Indicates the award was given Posthumously

Year: 2021
Winners:Belverd (Bel) Needles Jr.

Year: 2020
Winners: Richard Caturano
Paul Stahlin

Year: 2019
Winners: James J. Leisenring

Year: 2018
Winners: Lester McKeever Jr

Year: 2017
Winners: Bruce Webb
George Krull

Year: 2016
Winners: Ernie Almonte

Year: 2015
Winners: Greg Anton

Year: 2014
Winners: Frank Ross
Bob Harris

Year: 2013
Winners: No Winner

Year: 2012
Winners: Leslie Murphy

Year: 2011
Winners: Scott Voynich
Sidney Kess

Year: 2010
Winners: Harold Monk

Year: 2009
Winners: William Ezzell

Year: 2008
Winners: Robert Bunting
David Walker

Year: 2007
Winners: Kathy Eddy
Gary Previts

Year: 2006
Winners: Ronald Cohen
William Holder

Year: 2005
Winners: James Castellano

Year: 2004
Winners: Dennis R. Beresford

Year: 2003
Winners: Stuart Kessler

Year: 2002
Winners: Doyle Z. Williams
Olivia F. Kirtley

Year: 2001
Winners: Thomas W. Rimerman

Year: 2000
Winners: Thomas W. Dominic A. Tarantino
Richard Piluso

Year: 1999
Winners: Jake L. Netterville
Gerald A. Polansky*

Year: 1998
Winners: Robert Mednick

Year: 1997
Winners: Robert K. Elliott
Robert L. Israeloff

Year: 1996
Winners: Bert N. Mitchell
Mahlon Rubin

Year: 1995
Winners: Philip B. Chenok

Year: 1994
Winners: Herman J. Lowe

Year: 1993
Winners: James Don Edwards

Year: 1992
Winners: A. Marvin Strait

Year: 1991
Winners: Ray J. Groves
Thomas L. Holton

Year: 1990
Winners: Bernard Z. Lee

Year: 1989
Winners: William S. Kanaga

Year: 1988
Winners: George D. Andersen

Year: 1987
Winners: Robert C. Ellyson
John R. Meinert
Robert A. Mellin
Year: 1986
Winners: Donald J. Kirk

Year: 1985
Winners: Rholan E. Larson

Year: 1984
Winners: Wm. R. Gregory*

Year: 1983
Winners: Walter E. Hanson

Year: 1982
Winners: Michael N. Chetkovich

Year: 1981
Winners: Herbert E. Miller
Walter J. Oliphant

Year: 1980
Winners: Wallace E. Olson

Year: 1979
Winners: Robert K. Mautz
Stanley J. Scott

Year: 1978
Winners: Samuel A. Derieux

Year: 1977
Winners: Marshall S. Armstrong

Year: 1976
Winners: John Lawler
Louis H. Pilie

Year: 1975
Winners: Louis M. Kessler
LeRoy Layton

Year: 1974
Winners: Oscar S. Gellein
Marvin L. Stone

Year: 1973
Winners: Ralph E. Kent

Year: 1972
Winners: Philip L. Delfliese

Year: 1971
Winners: Robert M. Trueblood

Year: 1970
Winners: Elmer G. Beamer
Thomas D. Flynn
Weldon Powell*
Year: 1969
Winners: Herman W. Bevis

Year: 1968
Winners: John W. Queenan

Year: 1967
Winners: Clifford V. Heimbucher
Robert E. Witschey*

Year: 1966
Winners: Louis H. Penny

Year: 1965
Winners: Thomas G. Higgins

Year: 1964
Winners: Andrew Barr
Thomas W. Leland*

Year: 1963
Winners: NO AWARD

Year: 1962
Winners: Alvin R. Jennings

Year: 1961
Winners: John L. Carey
J.A. Phillips

Year: 1960
Winners: George D. Bailey

Year: 1959
Winners: Paul Grady

Year: 1958
Winners: Marquis G. Eaton*

Year: 1957
Winners: Arthur B. Foye
William B. Franke
Donald P. Perry*
Year: 1956
Winners: J.S. Seidman

Year: 1955
Winners: Saul Levy Lloyd Morey

Year: 1954
Winners: Maurice H. Stans

Year: 1953
Winners: Carman G. Blough
Mark E. Richardson

Year: 1952
Winners: Samuel J. Broad
Percival F. Brundage

Year: 1951
Winners: NO AWARD

Year: 1950
Winners: NO AWARD

Year: 1949
Winners: Robert T. Montgomery
Hiram T. Scovill

Year: 1948
Winners: Edward A. Kracke
N. Loyall McLaren

Year: 1947
Winners: T. Coleman Andrews

Year: 1946
Winners: Arthur H. Carter
Maurice E. Peloubet

Year: 1945
Winners: W.W. Cooper
E. L. Kohler
Victor H. Stempf
Year: 1944
Winners: George Oliver May
William A. Paton
J. Harold Stewart