AICPA Membership CPE Requirements


Basic Requirements for Regular members as of January 1, 2001

From January 1, 2001, forward and for each three-year reporting period thereafter, Regular AICPA members shall complete 120 hours or its equivalent, of continuing professional education.
  • When does the reporting period start and end?
    The reporting period begins January 1 of the first new calendar year after joining the AICPA or upgrading to Regular Member.
  • Grace Period
    Two months immediately following the reporting period. Hours credited toward a deficiency may not be counted toward the reporting period in which they are taken.
  • Qualifying Programs
    Programs which contribute to the member's professional competence and are formal programs. No specific subject areas are required. Examples of qualifying programs are in-house training courses, trade association conferences or college and university classes.

Use one of the following guidelines to determine equivalent CPE hours

College or university:
Number of semester hours x 15 = CPE hours
Number of quarter hours x 10 = CPE hours

Programs from associations granting CEUs (continuing education units):
50 minutes = 1 CPE

For programs which do not state the number of hours use:
Actual number of minutes spent in program/50 = CPE hours (round down to the nearest whole hour)  
  • Reporting
    Documentation of CPE is not required but should be maintained. Member is responsible for retaining any documentation that may be required. Members report compliance by paying of dues. The yearly dues statement contains the following statement:

    In making my dues payment, I affirm that I have complied with the CPE membership requirements for the year ending December 31.  No other reporting is necessary.

Documentation and Record Retention

Members bear primary responsibility of documenting compliance with CPE requirements. For each program the member should be able to document the following: 
  • Sponsor
  • Title and description of content
  • Date(s)
  • Location
  • Number of CPE contact hours

Exceptions to CPE Requirements

AICPA members in the following categories are automatically exempted from AICPA CPE Requirements:
  • Retired and do not hold themselves out as CPAs to third parties
  • Temporarily Left the Work Force and do not hold themselves out as CPAs to third parties
  • Unemployed and do not hold themselves out as CPAs to third parties
  • Members who have formally placed their CPA certificate/license in 'inactive' status with the State Board of Accountancy and do not hold themselves out as CPAs to third parties.

AICPA members may request a waiver for AICPA membership CPE requirements if the member is unable to comply due to unique circumstances such as:

  • Health
  • Military Service
  • Extreme natural disasters (in circumstances where the State Board grants any exemption, reduction or other adjustment with regard to CPE requirements)
  • Other similar circumstances that might prevent a member from complying with the CPE requirements.

Please send your request in writing by email or mail with your Full Name, Member Number and reasons. This request must be renewed annually if applicable.


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