Benefits of Becoming a CITP Credential Holder

The Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP ®) designation sets you apart as a CPA who can bridge between business and technology while meeting the strict requirements for a CPA license as well as additional training and experience in IT assurance, IT risks, data analytics, security and privacy, business solutions and emerging IT trends. 

The CITP demonstrates your ability to:

  • Develop and maintain information governance policies and programs
  • Perform data analytics and provide insight for business decisions and support financial reporting system implementation
  • Evaluate the impact of technology risks and related controls on financial statements, assess technology risk and information management, to support system implementations and evaluate security and privacy programs

Why Become a CITP?

  • Positions you as a premier business adviser with proficiency in technology, business and finance
  • Promotes a greater level of confidence amongst employers and clients
  • Illustrates proficiency in assessing technology risk and information management, supporting system implementations, and evaluating security and privacy programs
  • Demonstrates commitment to continuously improving IT skills and expertise
  • Displays an ability to develop and maintain information governance, perform data analytics, provide insight for business decisions, and support financial reporting system implementations
  • Expands opportunities for referrals from other practitioners, strategic partners, employers, consumers and clients
  • Includes you in a community of professionals with similar technology expertise and interests

Tools & Resources

  • CITP Champion Program – This offers specialized CPAs the support, structure, and resources to collaborate with state societies to inform CPAs about the specialization.
  • Marketing Toolkit – It includes information on how to market yourself and includes a press release, logos, brochure and presentation.
  • CITP Credential Directory – You will be added to this directory where the public is able to search for a CITP in their state.
  • Digital Badging – Learn more about our digital badging process to promote your credential on Social Media.
  • Use of CITP Logo – Download logos for use in your correspondence to enhance your brand recognition as a certified expert in your field.