AICPA 401(k) Plans for Firms Overview

Your Firm Will Enjoy a Long List of Plan Benefits

The AICPA 401(k) Plans for Firms program offers a comprehensive, affordable, and easy to manage program. Take a moment to consider all the plan includes:

*Offered through a third party, additional fees may apply.


Why a 401(k) is the Smart Choice for EVERYONE

A 401(k) plan represents one of the most sound retirement options—with the ability to contribute more throughout the year than other plans. Consider the following example:



SIMPLE vs. Safe Harbor Plan Comparison Chart

Example is based on 2018 IRS contribution limits.


More Reasons Why 401(k) Makes Sense: Why a 401(k) is the Smart Choice for EVERYONE

  • Up to a $500 annual tax credit for 3 years for qualifying firms for establishing a plan
  • Profit Share component can be built in with options to maximize employer amounts
  • Low cost investment options to help to keep more of your savings
  • Emergency access via loans (optional)
  • Customized Choice of vesting schedules and eligibility options to address your firm's specific objectives
  • Allows both pretax and post-tax (ROTH) contributions, regardless of income
  • Protected from creditors in every state

For more information about the program: