Exploring Cybersecurity

Accountants are in a position to need to understand cybersecurity in order to safeguard the large amount of sensitive information they handle and store on a daily basis. However, leaders at many firms may have questions about the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity and how to protect their information and client information. The CPA’s Guide to Cybersecurity resource is a great place to start.

Growing cybersecurity concerns are putting organizations under pressure to demonstrate they are managing cybersecurity threats. To address this market need, the AICPA has developed a cybersecurity risk management reporting framework to assist organizations in communicating about their risk management programs. The framework is a key component of the new System and Organization Controls (SOC) for Cybersecurity engagement. Learn more about this valuable, new framework and the SOC for Cybersecurity engagement.  

The PCPS Cybersecurity Toolkit provides learning resources, staff training tools, and tools to use with clients to assess their needs for cybersecurity services. Together, these tools will help your firm analyze your service opportunities and assist in building a cybersecurity practice.