CPA Financial Planner Business Development Toolkit

Independent research projects that the demand for financial planning services, which includes retirement, tax, estate, charitable, life transition planning and more, will continue its rapid growth for the foreseeable future. Although CPAs have been providing financial planning services for over 100 years, our marketing challenge is to ensure that our clients, existing and prospective, know that we are uniquely qualified and ready to help them.

The elements in this toolkit were developed to help you:

  • Attract new clients
  • Expand and deepen relations with existing clients
  • Offer a public service to those in need of financial information
  • Educate the general public or targeted audiences about PFP services
  • Increase visibility by giving presentations to business, consumer, or community groups

Will they find you? To support you in your efforts to build your personal financial planning and meet the increasing demands for financial planning services, the PFP Division created a coordinated set of marketing materials. These ads, brochures, online tools and presentation materials are designed to help you communicate and explain what you do in a consistent way to many different audiences — that the financial strategies you put together with your clients are smart, comprehensive, thorough and in their best interest. Customize them with your logo and contact information.

Marketing Resources

Media Resources

  • Users Guide for Press Release Templates (coming soon)
  • Timely Topics (Media Talking Points) 
    • New Parent Conversations