Practitioner's Toolkit

The Peer Review Practitioner's Toolkit provides samples and guidelines for you, as a new or experienced peer reviewer, to use to promote your peer review services and develop your practice:

  • Marketing Peer Review Services Prospect Q&A - provides answers to several questions that your peer review prospects may have.
  • Introduction Letter to Prospect Firms  - provides a guideline for reaching out and informing your network of CPA colleagues and prospects about your peer review practice and asks them for consideration when their firm engages a new reviewer.
  • Top Marketing and Sales Ideas - provides potential marketing and sales strategies and tactics that can be implemented to help grow your peer review practice.
  • Pipeline Tool - provides a mechanism to help in tracking and following-up with potential prospects, especially given the long “lead cycle” between reviews.
  • Internal Positioning Document - provides answers to several anticipated questions that decision makers inside your firm may have about developing a peer review practice and is designed to help you generate internal commitment to, and support for, a peer review practice.  

In addition, you can use the Practice Management Toolkit.