Practice Aids

In 2010, the ASB issued Statement on Quality Control Standards (SQCS) No. 8, A Firm's System of Quality Control (Redrafted), which is QC Section 10. This SQCS supersedes SQCS No. 7, which is referenced below. It was issued November 2010 and is current as of June 1, 2016. 

Download SQCS 8 (QC Section 10), current as of June 1, 2016.

UPDATED Enhancing Audit Quality Practice Aid
As part of the EAQ initiative, the Institute is pleased to provide updated e-versions of the Practice Aid Establishing and Maintaining a System of Quality Control for a CPA Firm's Accounting and Auditing Practice, at no charge.

This practice aid replaces a previous version of the practice aid, which was last updated in 2011. The revised practice aid contains more easily customizable illustrative policies and procedures and includes tips, warnings and reminders to help practitioners better implement the quality control policies and procedures. It is designed to assist practitioners in maintaining and improving audit excellence.

Both versions of the practice aid include illustrative policies and procedures for their designated audience, along with guidance on designing and maintaining a system of quality control. Additionally, the practice aid includes an overview of QC section 10 as well as QC section 10. 

See the Practice Aid.