Peer Review Board

The Peer Review Board is the senior technical committee governing the Peer Review Program. The primary activities of the PRB are to establish and conduct, in cooperation with state CPA societies, a Program for AICPA members engaged in the practice of public accounting.

The mission of the PRB is achieved through establishing and conducting the Program. This includes developing, implementing, maintaining and enhancing comprehensive Standards for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews (Standards) and related guidance for firms subject to peer review, those performing peer reviews and others involved in administering the Program for the PRB.

In addition, the PRB is responsible for overseeing the entire peer review process.

By reevaluating the validity and objectives of the Program, the PRB promotes continuous enhancement of the quality in the performance of non-SEC accounting, auditing and attestation engagements by AICPA members and their firms enrolled in the Program and explicitly recognizes that protecting the public interest is an equally important objective of the Program.

These objectives are met with the cooperation of state CPA societies, groups of state CPA societies and the PRB’s National Peer Review Committee, or other entity (hereinafter, administering entity) approved by the PRB to administer peer reviews.

The Peer Review Board (Board) is responsible for maintaining, furthering and governing the activities of the Program, including the issuance of peer review standards, and peer review guidance, while being mindful of the profession's covenant to serve the public interest with integrity and objectivity.