Peer Review For CPA Firms

The AICPA Bylaws state that if you are an AICPA member active in the practice of public accounting, you must be associated with a firm that participates in an AICPA-approved practice-monitoring program if the firm performs services within the scope of the peer review standards and issues reports in accordance with AICPA professional standards.

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Access PRIMA

Access PRIMA.  The Peer Review Integrated Management Application (PRIMA) replaced the old system in 2017. If you’re unsure where to begin, check out Getting Started in PRIMA or access more information on PRIMA. 

Enhanced Reviewer Search

We improved the Reviewer Search so that you can select a reviewer who has indicated they are willing to perform consulting services, such as pre- or post-issuance reviews.

Access the Reviewer Search.

Enhance the Quality of Your Peer Review

Learn About Peer Review and Earn CPE

  • Prepare for your next peer review by taking the Are You Ready for Your Peer Review? on-demand course. You will gain an understanding of the peer review process and the required elements of quality control.
  • Is your firm undergoing a system review? Learn more about what your peer reviewer will be looking for when evaluating your system of quality control by taking the on-demand eight-hour course titled A Firm’s System of Quality Control.

Quality Resources for Firms

Read more on How to Choose QCM Materials for Your CPA Firm:

  • Looking for a reporting and disclosure checklist?
  • How about an Audit Program?
  • We know that you are wooed by the companies who publish these materials. But how can you tell what is right for your firm from all the marketing messages you receive?

Other Resources for CPA Firms

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Related Updates & Resources:

Rules of Procedures for Terminations of Firms with AICPA Members

If a firm's Peer Review has commenced, a firm may be terminated for non-cooperation. For more details, please see the rules of procedures below.

AICPA Peer Review Board Rules of Procedures for the Termination of a Firm with AICPA Members

Peer Review Compliance and Completeness:

The AICPA Peer Review Board passed guidance that could impact your firm's enrollment in the peer review program, compliance with regulatory requirements, and result in possible referral to the AICPA Professionals Ethics Division. Read the FAQ for more information.

Do You Know if You're Subject to SEC Independence Rules?

  • If your firm performs audits or attestation engagements for entities that are subject to regulatory requirements, you may be subject to SEC Independence Rules. 
  • Some examples have been compiled to assist you in identifying if you may be subject to SEC Independence Rules.  For more information, click here.