Inline XBRL Webcast Series

The SEC adopted a final rule for Inline XBRL for operating companies and funds. Starting in 2019, the first operating companies will begin submitting their financials in Inline XBRL. In 2020, funds will begin submitting financials in Inline XBRL.  Inline XBRL enables XBRL information to be embedded into the HTML financial statements of the filing — as opposed to including XBRL data in a separate XBRL Exhibit. The XBRL tags are combined with the HTML file in the inline XBRL submission and eliminates the requirement to submit a separate instance document.

This webcast series provides information and guidance for filers to comply with the SEC requirements. Events are free to attend, with an option to participate and earn CPE for $49 ($39 AICPA Members) – use code go-aicpa when you register.

Inline XBRL: Understanding the Final SEC Rule
This one hour session provides specifics about the rule, the rationale for the rule, and the impact it is expected to have on both issuers and data consumers.

Inline XBRL Impact on Corporate SEC Filers
September 25 at 3 PM ET
Attend this session to learn about topics that will impact your inline XBRL submission, such as hidden tags; continuations; handling dates; amounts that are duplicated in HTML; dimensions in Inline XBRL. These topics plus how to use the SEC’s Inline XBRL Viewer will be covered in this informative one-hour session.  Register  use code go-aicpa for discount on cpe option.

Inline XBRL and Data Quality
October 17 at 3 PM ET
SEC filers, auditors, and vendors should consider how this new requirement will impact the filing process and the quality of the data reported. Can the rendered Inline XBRL document help preparers review their financials and the underlying XBRL tags more efficiently? What else should filers be doing to improve their own data quality?  Register use code go-aicpa for discount on cpe option