Forensic and Valuation CPE & Events

Self-Study: Forensic Accounting

CFF Exam Review Course

Highly experienced instructors define and explain the disciplined approaches to forensic accounting that lead to a thorough knowledge of the varied specialties within forensic accounting. Learn more >>

Forensic Accounting Certificate Program

This certificate program is tailored to provide an introduction to financial forensics and help you become familiar with the forensic accountant's professional responsibility. Learn more >>

Forensic Accounting: Fraudulent Reporting and Concealed Assets

Forensic accountants know all too well the increasing pressure to accurately detect fraudulent financial reporting and to preemptively redesign internal controls to prevent misappropriation of assets. Learn techniques to sharpen your forensic skills, helping you to detect fraudulent activities in their many guises.  Learn more >>

Fraud Update: Detecting and Preventing the Top Ten Fraud Schemes

Whether your business is small, large, or a not-for-profit entity, this CPE course will provide you with descriptions of how major frauds are perpetrated, allowing you to gain insight into the types of cost-effective controls you can implement to prevent or detect deceptive acts. Learn more >>

Self-Study: Valuation

ABV Exam Review Course

Closely aligned with the ABV Exam, the AICPA's ABV Exam Review Course covers a comprehensive range of business valuation knowledge. The review course includes Part 1 and 2 of the ABV Exam and over 300 practice questions. Learn more >>

Introduction to Business Valuation

This CPE course covers the basic concepts, theory, and application of business valuation. Get a general overview that allows you to enhance your understanding of the concepts presented by putting them to the test in a real-life case study.  Learn more >>

Understanding Business Valuation

A great in-depth first course for those seeking to learn more about this hot, premium-priced service for clients and attorneys.  This course combines real-world experience and all the fundamental information in an easy-to-digest style. Learn more >>

Fair Value Accounting: A Critical New Skill for All CPAs 

Learn about issues that arise when fair value accounting is implemented under existing FASB standards and the application of fair value measurement in the context of business combinations. Gain insights into the rationale behind fair value measurement. Learn more >>