Join the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center

The Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center is a firm-based voluntary membership Center designed to help CPAs meet the challenges of performing quality ERISA audits. Joining the Center enables you to access premium levels of content on this site and provides you with many other benefits, such as periodic newsletters and Center Webcasts.

Below you will find a link to help you calculate the cost of joining the Center and the link that will lead you through the enrollment process itself.

Before you will be able to complete your firm's enrollment, you will need to have certain information about your firm's employee benefit plan audit practice available including:

  • Contact information for both yourself (as the firm-designated employee benefit plan audit quality partner) and the firm-designated administrator contact, if applicable
  • Number of firm personnel and offices
  • Approximate number of ERISA employee benefit plan audits
  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality by joining the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center today 

Membership Dues Calculation


For more information on the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, please contact us.

Should you need assistance with the membership process or using the Web site, please contact the Center at or via e-mail.