CPEA Technical Inquiries

As a benefit of full membership, inquiries related to A&A matters can be submitted to the CPEA professional staff without additional charge (additional fees apply for smaller-firms and sole practitioners). However, if an inquiry requires significant time and research due to its nature, or if the volume of inquiries submitted by a member firm is significantly greater than the typical members' use of the inquiry service, the CPEA reserves the right to charge a fee based on an agreed-upon rate. The CPEA will not undertake a fee-based inquiry without advanced agreement from the member.

To submit a technical inquiry:  Complete the form below and click the submit button at the bottom of the form to submit the inquiry to the CPEA.

The CPEA is unable to respond to inquiries from academia and management accounting (industry) members.

Note: The CPEA is unable to respond to inquiries related to the following topics: Tax matters, SEC matters, accounting matters for publicly traded companies, legal issues, political or legislative issues, and ethics and independence (call ethics hotline at 888-777-7077, select option 6).