CAQ Membership Eligibility and Requirements

Membership Eligibility

Any eligible U.S. CPA firm may seek Membership or Associate Membership in the CAQ by submitting an application in the prescribed form.  The application will be considered by the CAQ on the basis of whether the applicant firm meets the Membership or Associate Membership eligibility or other criteria and agrees to comply with the requirements for either class of membership as determined by the CAQ Governing Board and in effect at the time of the CAQ’s receipt of the application.

Membership in the CAQ is available in one of two classes:

a. Membership in the CAQ is available to a U.S. CPA firm that is registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.
b. Associate Membership is available to a U.S. CPA firm that is not registered with the PCAOB.

Membership or Associate membership in the CAQ shall not constitute membership in the AICPA nor entitle any Member or Associate member firm to any of the rights or privileges of membership in the AICPA.

Membership Requirements

Each Member or Associate Member must:

a. Pay dues to the CAQ in an amount established by the CAQ Governing Board.

All members are required to pay applicable dues or assessments, which are to be approved annually by the CAQ Governing Board.  Dues or assessments are due and payable in full at the time and in the manner determined by the CAQ.  Dues or assessments are not subject to refund in whole or in part at any time including in the circumstance of:

  • a merger, consolidation, or other combination of two or more members
  • resignation, termination, or dissolution if a firm has enjoyed Membership or Associate Membership for any part of the year for which the dues or assessments apply.

b. Use its best efforts to ensure that all of its partners, owners, shareholders, and employees residing in the U.S. and eligible for membership status in the AICPA acquire and retain AICPA membership.

The CAQ Governing Board may establish such other criteria for Membership or Associate Membership as it deems appropriate. 

Membership or Associate Membership in the CAQ may be terminated:

a. by a member, upon written notice submitted by the member to the CAQ
b. by the CAQ Governing Board, upon the member’s failure to meet the eligibility criteria or membership requirements
c. in the case of a Member, upon revocation of the firm’s registration by the PCAOB

Denial of an application or re-application for, or termination of, Membership or Associate Membership may be appealed to the AICPA Joint Trial Board.  In such instance, the policies and procedures of the AICPA’s Joint Trial Board will control and any determination by such Board will be final.

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