CAQ Technical Inquiry Resource

Welcome to the CAQ Technical Inquiry Resource. This webpage is intended to provide member firms with resources to assist in effectively communicating with regulators and standard-setters on technical inquiries relevant to public company audits. It is also intended to direct CAQ members to sources of authoritative literature to assist in developing their own conclusions on a specific technical matter.

NOTE: For technical inquiries on auditing or accounting matters related to non-public companies including private, non-profit and government organizations please contact the AICPA Audit and Accounting Technical Information Hotline at 1-877-242-7212.

Below is a list of resources the CAQ has gathered based on commonly asked questions. We encourage members to utilize these resources for assistance in resolving technical inquiries.

PCAOB Inquiry Resource

Includes information for inquiries on:

  • Registration
  • Standards & Rulemaking
  • Auditor Independence

SEC  Inquiry Resource 

Includes information for inquiries on:

  • SEC Interpretive Guidance
  • Accounting or Auditing Unusual, Complex or Innovative Transactions
  • SEC Rules & Forms
  • Auditor Independence

FASB Inquiry Resource 

Includes information for inquiries on:

  • Clarification on FASB Guidance
  • General Guidance on Accounting or Auditing Matters
  • Accounting Standards Codification

We encourage CAQ member firms to utilize the resources listed above. If these resources do not assist you, member firms may submit technical inquiries to CAQ staff via:

When submitting your information via email please be as precise and thorough as possible. Submission of inquiries with incomplete information will result in a request for additional information and may create a delay in response time. The following information should be submitted with your inquiry to CAQ staff:

Technical inquiries are reviewed by CAQ staff in the order received and responses are typically provided within 1-2 business days. CAQ staff will do their best to respond to your inquiry via telephone as soon as possible.

The CAQ staff provides non-authoritative responses regarding certain issues relating to public company audits.  The staff's responses reflect only the staff's opinions in light of the particular circumstances described by the inquirer, and should not be viewed as an official position of the CAQ or its Board Members.  Official positions of the CAQ are established only after extensive deliberation and process.  The CAQ staff is prohibited from making subjective judgments for inquirers, or acting as an arbitrator on any issue (for example, in a dispute between a company and its auditor) or an intermediary between the inquirer and the SEC/PCAOB/FASB Staff.  Our responses do not constitute legal advice, for which you should consult with your attorney.