Webcast: Pathway to Academia for Accounting Professionals

Brought to you by the Pathways Commission* and Sponsored by the American Accounting Association and the American Institute of CPAs.

Pathway to Academia for Accounting Professionals
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D. Scott Showalter, Professor of Practice, North Carolina State University


Richard R. Clune, Jr.,
Associate Director, School of Accountancy, Kennesaw State University
Marvin M. Phaup,
Professorial Lecturer and Research Scholar, The George Washington University
Frank K. Ross, Visiting Professor of Accounting, Howard University

Cynthia E. Tessien,
Reznick Group Faculty Fellow and Professor of Practice, Wake Forest University
Samuel C. Weaver, Professor of Practice, LeHigh University

Webcast Summary

Due to shortages with accounting PhD’s (especially in auditing, tax and IT systems), many colleges and universities at all levels are turning to practitioners to fill these important teaching roles in the classroom.  Additionally, as many highly-experienced practitioners in industry, government, and practice look for opportunities to pursue a “second career”, teaching at the collegiate level often appears on the short list of opportunities.  These two converging forces present opportunities for everyone.  You may be such an individual looking for opportunities to teach in a “second career,” but not sure what it entails or how to go about obtaining a position.  This webcast is for you.

To encourage and support the transition of practitioners from industry, government and practice to collegiate teaching (also called the academy); the Pathways Commission is sponsoring a “National Pathway to Academia for Accounting Professionals Day”.  The corner stone of this event will be a 120 minute webcast where individuals who have made the transition to the academy will discuss how they landed their first teaching opportunity, qualifications to teach at the collegiate level, how one prepares for teaching, what a typical day looks like, the compensation for various roles, and the all important “knowing what you know now, what would you do differently.”

This 120 minute webcast will feature six individuals, who serve in different capacities and represent different aspects of the broadly defined accounting profession, who will provide answers to an array of questions.  Additionally, for the last 30 minutes of the webcast you will be able to submit questions for the panelists to answer.  The goal is to demystify the opportunities available in teaching and help you take that first step to become an academic.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • Opportunities for practitioners to teach at the collegiate level
  • Qualifications to teach at the collegiate level
  • Overview of life as an academic
  • How to get started

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*Participating organizations include the Institute of Internal Auditors, Institute of Management Accountants, Association of Government Accountants, accounting firms and businesses.