Enhancing Audit Quality Microlearning Sessions

Brush up on the key components of proper audit risk assessment by watching these microlearning sessions. These short videos, each less than three minutes long, share best practices that you can apply to your audit engagements. Use the knowledge you learn to identify, assess and respond to risks of material misstatement.

Understanding Risks of Material Misstatement (RMM)

During this microlearning session, you will learn about the components of RMM, the factors to consider when assessing inherent risk and the key concepts related to control risk.

Linking audit procedures to risk assessment

This microlearning session will provide an overview of professional standards that require auditors to link audit procedures to risk assessment and will also highlight the results of not properly linking risk and planned responses.

Identifying and responding to significant risks

Listen to this microlearning session to learn how to define, identify and respond to significant risks.

Identifying your small client’s controls

Tune in to this microlearning session to learn what internal control over financial reporting is and become familiar with examples of financial reporting controls.