Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Archived Resources

Diversity in today’s business schools
A white paper examining diversity best-in-class examples of a select group of business schools

Young Minority Influencer & Pipeline Research
Research to inform strategy and tactics that will increase awareness of, interest in, engagement with and commitment to the accounting profession amount young minorities

2019 Accounting Graduate Supply and Demand Report
The report identifies key trends in U.S. accounting enrollments and graduates as well as hiring of new graduates in the public accounting sector.

2017 Accounting Graduates Supply and Demand Report
Trends in the supply of accounting graduates and the demand for public accounting recruits

2017 State Society Diversity Initiatives Inventory
This report is designed to create awareness about what state societies are doing regarding diversity and inclusion (D&I). The inventory breaks down state society program offerings as they relate to the following groups: ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ, young professionals and retired CPAs.