Maintain your membership beyond your professional career


Reduced price for membership

Membership dues shouldn't be too expensive for individuals no longer practicing. To keep you involved and invested in the profession, retired members and members who are no longer working enjoy a 50% discount on membership.*


Exclusive Retirement Solutions for CPAs

Maintaining your membership makes you eligible for exclusive retirement solutions that matter most to CPAs. Annuities for guaranteed income for life. Long-term care and Medical Supplement insurances to manage health care expenses. Life insurance for legacy planning.

Additionally learn about the AICPA 401(k) for Firms, a program dedicated to offering retirement solutions for AICPA member firms.

Give back to your profession

For those who want to continue giving back during your golden years, there are volunteer opportunities and a new mentoring program that can help you continue to leave a lasting legacy for a profession that has already given you so much.  You'll also be supporting the AICPA's efforts to drive a dynamic accounting profession; empowering trust, opportunity and prosperity.

Resources for personal financial planning

AICPA membership unlocks premium content on our websites that could help your personal finances. Here is a sampling of content from our Tax and Personal Financial Planning sections that are routinely used by CPA financial planners to advise their clients.

Social Security decision-making

Medicare and healthcare coverage

Retirement income decisions

Visit the AICPA PFP section for more resources >

Affinity discounts to save you money

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*Retired category is available for Regular Members who have reached full retirement age as determined by the Social Security Administration and, if employed as a business professional, work less than an average of 20 hours per week, calculated on an annual basis.Temporarily Left Workforce category is available to members in Regular and Associate Membership categories who are currently not working due to one of the following circumstances (status to be confirmed annually): unemployment, medical leave (health or disability prevents gainful employment), family leave (left the workforce to care for family members full time) or education leave (enrolled full time in a formal education program). To receive special pricing update your profile online or call member service at 888.777.7077 (Mon. – Fri. 9am – 6pm ET).