Are you eligible for Non-CPA Associate membership? 

If you can answer YES to one of these statements, you are eligible.

  • I'm an owner or a professional staff member of a CPA accounting firm licensed for U.S. practice, and the firm has at least one person with AICPA Regular membership.
  • I am employed by any U.S. or non-U.S. college or university in a full-time business or accounting educator role.
  • I am a corporate or government finance professional under the supervision of, or sponsored by, a regular voting member of the AICPA.*

* When applying under this criteria, please provide the name and membership number of a current regular voting member willing to sponsor your application. Sponsoring a finance professional is an affirmation by the member that the applicant is employed in a business, government or nonprofit organization, or in a consulting or law firm.

  • I have management or governance responsibilities with respect to an organization that is served by an industry-specific membership section of the AICPA as established by Council.
  • I am eligible to obtain an AICPA credential but don't qualify for regular voting AICPA membership or any other Associate category.

In addition, you will be required to agree to be governed by and comply with the AICPA Bylaws and Code of Professional Conduct.

Benefits of joining the AICPA

Wherever your career takes you, we're here to provide what you need. Membership in the AICPA is an investment in your future. 

Other ways to become an AICPA member

Consider these options if Non-CPA Associate membership isn't right for you.

Regular Member

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CPA Exam Candidate Affiliate

On your way to take the CPA Exam and join the profession

Student Affiliate

College is the best time to imagine your future and make it a reality

International Associate

In recognition of your involvement and expertise in markets outside the U.S.

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