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The AICPA is proud to offer qualified CPA Canada members access to select advisory credentials, including the Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) credential and the Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) credential.

Please note that as of April 1, 2017, CPA Canada members are required to write an exam to obtain the CFF or CITP credentials. The CFF and CITP exams are available. Questions about each exam may be submitted to cff@aicpa.org or citp@aicpa.org.

As of September 10, 2020, Candidates who have earned their Master of Forensic Accounting from the University of Toronto within 5 years of applying for the credential satisfy the CFF Credential Education requirements and are granted access to sit for the CFF Examination one time at no cost upon completion of their degree requirements.


*Note: Applications must be saved to your computer for the electronic signatures to function properly.

Pathway to the Credential

In addition to meeting the requirements below, you will need to meet the education requirements, pass the corresponding exam and meet the experience requirements to obtain the CFF or CITP credential. 

CFF Pathway > | CITP Pathway >


Steps to the Exam

Passing the Exam is a requirement towards obtaining the CFF or CITP credential. 

Register for the CFF Exam > | Register for the CITP Exam >


General Credential Requirements

  • Maintain CPA Canada membership in good standing.
  • Be a CPA in good standing as defined by CPA Canada.
  • Pass the corresponding credential exam and meet the minimum business experience and education requirements. The business experience and education requirements must have been completed within 5 years of applying for the CFF of CITP credential.
  • Complete the CFF or CITP credential application and pay the respective credential fee.
  • Sign a Declaration of Intent to comply with the credential recertification requirements.

Benefits of Becoming a Credential Holder

  • Provides access to corresponding section membership resources and content
  • Positions the you a premier provider in your field
  • Enhances your image as a competent, trustworthy expert
  • Promotes a greater level of confidence for clients and employers
  • Demonstrates commitment to continuously improving related skills and expertise, resulting in increased professional competency
  • Increases opportunities for referrals from other practitioners, strategic partners, attorneys, and clients
  • Includes you in a community of CPA professionals with similar interests and practices
  • Access to invaluable tools & resources such as the marketing toolkit, mentor program and more

Section Memberships

The AICPA is proud to offer qualified CPA Canada members Sections Memberships in the areas of personal financial planning, forensics and business valuation.

Credential Reinstatement

To have your CFF or CITP credential reinstated, please fill out one of the corresponding applications below.

CFF Reinstatement Application  |  CITP Reinstatement Application