Ep. 23: New ethics guidance and NOCLAR exposure draft — PEEC’s 1Q 2021 meeting debrief

February 11, 2021

The Professional Ethics Executive Committee had its 1Q meeting this week. Listen as Toni Lee-Andrews, director of the AICPA Professional Ethics Division, and staff fill you in on the highlights, including key votes on NOCLAR, records requests, and staff augmentation.

If you’d like more detail than we cover in this episode, you can review the meeting agenda. Full meeting minutes will be on PEEC’s meeting information page after the next meeting in May.

What you’ll hear:

  • (00:36) Welcome
  • (01:08) NOCLAR
  • (02:05) Staff augmentation
  • (09:48) Records requests
  • (12:50) SEC convergence
  • (16:00) Compliance audits
  • (18:27) Convergence with IFAC’s role and mindset standard
  • (20:05) IESBA activity
  • (22:45) Statements on Standards for Tax Services

If you have questions about the substantive content of this episode, please call the ethics hotline at 888.777.7077 (option 2, then option 3) or email ethics@aicpa.org.

If you’d like to suggest topics for future episodes, please email ethicallyspeaking@aicpa.org.