Select Sessions from Advanced PFP Conference at ENGAGE

October 26, 2018

At AICPA ENGAGE, the energy and cutting-edge content is unparalleled with thought-provoking questions, candid insights, deep technical dives and even some radical ideas along with extensive networking opportunities to connect with your peers. Hear from PFP conference chair Ted Sarenski, CPA/PFS, and ENGAGE conference chair Scott Sprinkle, CPA/PFS, about why it’s your time to absorb, reflect, challenge and apply the best of what the CPA profession has to offer.  Push the boundaries of your growth and join us in 2019.

Access this sample of incredible session from 2018 Advanced PFP Conference at ENGAGE:

Planning for Aging & Ill Clients
With the enhanced federal estate tax exemption, many clients are now more concerned with how to obtain and pay for long-term care.  Bernard Krooks discusses issues that affect our to clients as they age, including long-term care and various financing options as well as relevant tax considerations.

Best Planning Ideas Panel
Hear from a panel of CPA financial planners on the best ideas presented during the ENGAGE sessions you were not able to attend and take away from the conference a checklist of items to improve your practice and benefit your clients.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Withdrawals
Steve Siegel addresses up to date tax and financial planning strategies for the most efficient and appropriate withdrawals from retirement plans.         

Financial Planning Software
Joel Bruckenstein shares how digital onboarding, account aggregation, workflows and interactive tools are changing the client experience of the personal financial planning process.