The Adviser's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning Video Series - 2019

This 2019 video series, by Steve Siegel complements The Adviser's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning, provides short learning opportunities and guidance to CPAs and financial planners advising clients in tax, retirement, estate, risk management and investment planning matters (

  1. The Adviser’s Guide to Financial & Estate Planning - Introduction
    Learn the key issues that CPA financial planners and professionals in financial and estate planning can proactively communicate with clients.

  2. Estate & client analysis
    Learn how the estate plan fits into the overall personal financial plan to approach your clients to build trust and communicate effectively as well as.

  3. Primer on charitable contributions
    Understand tax planning strategies to use with your clients with charitable intent.

  4. Grantor retained interest trusts
    Understand planning strategies for high-income individuals using grantor retained interest trusts.

  5. Individual retirement account planning opportunities
    Learn how you can help your clients navigate the array of retirement planning strategies and choose the savings vehicles that best fit their needs.

  6. The cost of transfers
    Understand the strategies for high net worth individuals to pay transfer taxes while protecting assets that will pass to heirs.

  7. How to make a marital deduction bequest
    Evaluate strategies of making outright gifts and other alternatives as part of the estate planning process with your clients.

  8. Total financial counseling for the executive
    Learn how you can help your business owner and executive clients navigate tax and planning strategies that best fit their needs.

  9. Evaluating the choices among the available entities
    Understand and evaluate the types of entities and the tax and financial planning impact on your client.

  10. Planning for the elderly and disabled
    Learn about the tools and strategies for aging and elder planning to help your clients navigate complex issues like Social Security and Medicare.

  11. Real estate investing
    Learn about the opportunity zones and Section 199A qualified business income deduction related to real estate investing.

  12. Applications in portability
    Portability is a game changer in tax and estate planning. Learn strategies you can use to help your clients transfer their estates in a tax efficient way.

  13. The new normal in estate planning
    An estate plan is not just about taxes, but everyone should have one. Find out what strategies and considerations you should address with your clients.

  14. Section 199A for the 99%
    Learn how the qualified business income (QBI) deduction under IRC Section 199A impacts the majority of your clients and how to help them navigate the complexities.

  15. Section 199A & specified service trade or business
    Learn about the planning opportunities if your client is over the taxable income threshold for the qualified business income (QBI) under IRC Section 199A.

  16. Section 199A & W-2 wages
    Understand how W-2 wages factor into the qualified business income deduction (QBI) calculation under IRC Section 199A.