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Not-for-profit entities are under constant pressure to devote an increasing portion of their expenditures to accomplishing their mission programs. This Journal of Accountancy article submitted by Joseph W. Cruitt, CPA, CGMA, on behalf of the AICPA Not-for-Profit Expert panel, reviews the appropriate considerations and allocation of joint costs to be in compliance with U.S. GAAP.

NFP Expert Panel member, Jennifer Brenner, in partnership with the entire NFP expert panel, produced and published an article in the August 2013 issue of the Journal of Accountancy which addresses some of the common difficulties in valuing contributions of gifts-in-kind. The article walks through the process of valuation and provides recommendations to assist in the establishment of a policy for acceptance and valuation of gifts-in-kind.

The Not-for-Profit Expert Panel has issued the following white papers that are of interest to those following not-for-profit issues:

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