Assurance Services Executive Committee (ASEC)

About the Committee

Vision: A dynamic Profession that continuously evolves to provide high quality, value-added, innovative assurance and advisory solutions in furtherance of the public interest.

Mission: To support the Profession in serving the public interest by continuously anticipating, identifying, assessing and addressing evolving market needs and demand for assurance and advisory solutions.

Objectives: ASEC’s focus is to continuously anticipate, identify, assess and address significant developments and opportunities relating to emerging assurance and advisory needs, and to determine and develop relevant thought leadership, guidance and criteria, tools, or other member support. Accordingly, the primary objectives of ASEC are to:

  1. Anticipate, identify and assess new service opportunities related to market needs and demands and emerging technologies 
  2. Where needed, develop and communicate assurance and advisory guidance (including, where necessary, underlying suitable criteria)
  3. Support the innovation of traditional services (e.g. the financial statement audit and existing attestation services) to enhance quality and meet evolving market needs
  4. Collaborate with industry, government and other specialized groups to enhance members’ ability to efficiently and effectively meet market needs related to new and existing services
  5. Maintain and evolve existing guidance and criteria developed by ASEC