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Coronavirus (COVID-19) forensic and valuation resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) forensic and valuation resources

Our main objective, during this time of uncertainty, is to support our members and their clients and to navigate this challenging environment together with you. Use the FVS Section resources below to help you stay current, communicate with your clients and reinforce your role as a trusted adviser. For additional free resources, advocacy updates and practical tips, visit the AICPA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center.


The Next Level of Investigations
Practice tips for forensic and valuation practitioners needing to improvise and adapt to conducting investigations remotely.

Be wary of charity requests in wake of COVID-19
Trying times also brings our fraudulent actors looking to take advantage of kind-hearted donors.

Fraud Prevention and the Payroll Protection Program (PPP)
The FLS Fraud Task Force outlines potential risks and mitigation factors that borrowers and lenders should be aware of.

Don't Get Scammed out of your Stimulus Check
Tips for preventing scammers from stealing stimulus checks.

How CPAs can fight fraud in the COVID-19 pandemic
This podcast discusses how accountants can identify and prevent coronavirus-related fraud.

Coronavirus fraud reporting resources
Resources you can use if you encounter a potential scam or fraud involving the coronavirus.

Preventing Disaster Fraud
Practice tips on what you can do to help your clients from falling victim to scams and frauds during the COVID-19 crisis.

Cybercrime in Health Care and Why it's Time for Organizations to Take Action
Practice tips that can help your healthcare clients fight against cybercrime.

Protect yourself and your clients from cyberfraud vulnerabilities
Practice tips to help protect yourself and your clients from cyberfraud vulnerabilities.

Increased risk of ransomware during a crisis
Best practices for protecting yourself and your clients from ransomware attacks.

Webcast: Understanding and preventing cybersecurity fraud
This webcast provides information on cybercrime trends and insurance considerations for cyber fraud.

Economic Damages

Preparing for Business Interruption Claims
While the courts decide on whether the pandemic qualifies as "physical damage", practitioners can take steps to help clients prepare for potential claims.

The Role of Forensic Accountants in First Party Claims Arising from COVID-19 Business Interruptions
Reference framework for forensic accountants assisting in the preparation of a business interruption claims.

Issues of concern that may arise in the determination of economic damages
The following practice aids can serve as a guide when addressing issues of concern that may arise in the determination of economic damages to help calculate the present value of future business damages: Calculating Lost Profits; Discount Rates, Risk and Uncertainty; Attaining Reasonable Certainty in Economic Damages Calculations; and Attaining Reasonable Certainty in Economic Damages Calculations: Revenues, Costs and Best Evidence.

Webcast: Economic Damages Update – Reasonable Certainty, Lost Profits and Intellectual Property
Basic methods and approaches to quantifying lost profits, legal precedent on damage analyses and quantifying damages in intellectual property.

Webcast: Understanding the Role of a Forensic Accountant in a Complex Business Interruption Loss after a Natural Disaster or a Cyber/Employee Fraud Insurance Claim
Learn how to prepare and submit a comprehensive loss of income/fidelity/cyber claim to an insurance carrier and how to navigate the claim settlement process.

Another Day at the Breach: Impact of Everyday Cyber Intrusions - Claims and Coverages
Cyber claim preparation nuances and resolution to help assist clients when lost profits are the result of cyber intrusion, a ransomware attack or social engineering.


Podcast: How to help clients who are considering bankruptcy

Providing Bankruptcy and Reorganization Services - Vol 1. - Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Bankruptcy
Guidance on the litigation and dispute resolution issues unique to distressed and bankrupt companies.

Providing Bankruptcy and Reorg Services -Vol 2. - Valuation in Bankruptcy 
Guidance on the valuation issues unique to distressed and bankrupt companies.


Valuation considerations related to the CARES Act
The CARES Act has impacted business valuations. These FAQs address the various provisions and how they affect cash flows, cost of capital and more.

Wall Street vs. Main Street Valuations: Market Swings due to COVID-19
During this webcast we will review what impact this volatile market has had on the value of a closely held company and discuss what a business owner can do to maximize value or minimize impact of COVID-19.

FAQs on Valuation Considerations When Valuing Distressed or Impaired Businesses
This FAQ discusses questions for valuation analysts to consider and provides guidance on approaches valuation analysts may take, when performing valuations of companies that possess characteristics of distressed or impaired businesses as well as performing valuations in times of “positive” and “negative” economic uncertainty. 

AICPA VS Section 100 Subsequent Events Toolkit
Subsequent event FAQs, tools and sample disclosures to assist practitioners with VS sec 100 reports during the Coronavirus “COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus and the Value of Minority Interests in Private Businesses
As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, valuation analysts face the challenge of completing valuation engagements in real-time against a constantly changing economic backdrop.

Fair Value

Fair Value of Investments
Determining fair value of investments during significant market volatility and uncertainty.

When to Test Goodwill and Indefinite-Lived Intangible Assets for Impairment
The entities whose operations are negatively affected by COVID-19 may need to consider testing their goodwill and indefinite-lived assets for impairment.

When to Test Long-lived Assets for Impairment
The entities whose operations are negatively affected by COVID-19 may need to consider testing their long-lived assets for impairment.

Investment Companies: Measuring Fair Value in Times of Significant Uncertainty
Value drivers that should be considered when estimating fair value in the current environment. 

Measuring the Fair Value of Financial Instruments Under Conditions of Significant Uncertainty—Selected Considerations
Basic premises for staying on the path to supportable valuations in times of market dislocations.

Accounting & Valuation Guide: Valuation of Portfolio Company Investments of Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds and Other Investment Companies - Accounting and Valuation Guide
Guidance on how to address impacts of market volatility and disruption on portfolio companies.

Accounting & Valuation Guide: Testing for Goodwill Impairment
Guidance on addressing market conditions that necessitate the need to test for goodwill impairment. 

Accounting & Valuation Guide: Assets Acquired to be Used in Research & Development Activities
Guidance on what to do if you hold idled assets or assets that may be impaired. 

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Coronavirus concerns for ESOPs and ESOP auditors

ESOP Stock Price Drops in the Current Pandemic
Insight into the courses of action companies are taking in response to current market conditions. 

Practice Management

6 ways CPAs are making a difference right now
Accountants and finance professionals are needed now more than ever to lead businesses through the economic recovery.

How ABV credential holders can create opportunities from challenges
Times of need, such as the coronavirus pandemic, present opportunities for ABV credential holders to better serve their clients.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds for CPAs
Easy-to-implement virtual backdrops to make working from home a little more interesting.

Keeping Social While Distancing
Social media is a powerful business tool for FVS marketing, networking and recruitment.