Facilitated State Board Access Video Tutorial

March 20, 2020


State boards of accountancy (SBOAs) can determine whether an in-state or out-of-state firm is enrolled in a peer review program through AICPA’s Facilitated State Board Access (FSBA).

In addition, the secure FSBA website provides SBOAs with the firm’s:

  • Name
  • Main office location
  • Peer review acceptance date
  • Period covered by the most recently accepted peer review
  • Whether the firm’s enrollment in the program has been dropped or terminated

If the firm had a peer review, the firm’s peer review report grade will appear if the firm’s review has been accepted and the firm has not opted out of FSBA. SBOAs can view a firm’s peer review acceptance letter, peer review report or letter of response (if applicable.) If a firm has completed all required corrective actions that may have been imposed, the letter acknowledging completion of those actions and the firm’s next peer review due date will also be viewable. If a firm has not opted out of FSBA, its next peer review due date will be displayed. Peer review documents of firms that have opted out of FSBA will not be available.

As of January 1, 2020, the following enrollment information will be available in FSBA if a firm grants permission to make this information available to SBOAs:

  • Enrollment letter when a new firm enrolls, or an existing firm reenrolls. (This letter includes peer review due date, if applicable, and type of practice.)

As of January 1, 2020, when a firm grants permission to share objective peer review information with a SBOA, the following information will be available in FSBA to the SBOA of the firm’s home state or other SBOAs the firm expanded access to when scheduling its review:

  • Extension letter(s) which includes the peer review due date that has been approved by the administering entity (AE), if applicable
  • Date of the letter acknowledging the firm’s peer review has been scheduled
  • Estimated date the firm’s review is scheduled to commence
  • Date peer review documents are due to be received by the AE (peer review due date)
  • Date the review will be presented to a report acceptance body (RAB) for acceptance

As of March 2020, the following information is also available to SBOAs in the FSBA Search:

  • Due date of open corrective actions imposed on a firm (if any)
  • Corrective action extension letter(s)

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is available to assist SBOAs with understanding certain peer review processes, terminology and information available in FSBA.