AICPA Foundational Priorities

FY16-18 Strategic Plan – Foundational Priorities

Foundational Priorities are key focus areas that holistically support the Vision and Mission of the Institute. The FY16-18 strategic plan is comprised of five Foundational Priorities:

  • Talent – Sustain a vibrant accounting profession and membership.
    Encourage highly qualified and highly motivated individuals to become CPAs and support them throughout their career. Support the development of outstanding academic programs and leaders.

  • Brand – Promote and uphold the CPA, CGMA, and AICPA brands.
    Protect, promote and extend the reputation and positioning for the CPA, CGMA, and AICPA brands. Drive ongoing awareness and appreciation for the CPA and CGMA as premier global accounting and finance credentials, distinguished by rigor and relevance.

  • Technical Competency & Quality – Lead and promote technical competency. Enhance quality in all areas of practice via multiple touch points including pre-licensure activities, standards of practice and guidance, training and development to build competencies, tools and resources, practice monitoring and enforcement, and assure the relevance of services in the future.

  • Advocacy – Advocate for the public interest and better business. Serve as the national representative of CPAs before governments, regulatory bodies and other organizations in protecting the public, business and member interests. Promote public awareness and confidence in the integrity, objectivity, competence and professionalism of CPAs.

  • Operational Excellence – Drive sustainable organizational excellence. Drive a financially sustainable and high-performing organization by providing high-value services, delivering exceptional products and hiring and retaining diverse, talented professionals.